Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the fastest ways to drive targeted traffic to your website at a low cost.

google-adwordsUnless you are an Adwords ninja, No matter what you do, your ads do not come up in the top positions and you see diminishing traffic. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!  Competitors are eating away the traffic that should have come your way. You have wasted enough time.   You need an Expert who is Razor-Sharp to drive customers to you.

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You can expand your reach and drive new leads as soon as your first search engine marketing campaign is live- USUALLY WITHIN 48 HOURS!!!

smartrank image smallWe don’t mess around!

We have cracked the formula to put you at the top spot fast!  If you want quick results, SmartRank is the product for you.

Our CEO is also the CEO for one of the most successful I.T. companies in Florida.  That company, like all small businesses, started with just him.  And prior to that company, he built and sold another very successful I.T. company.  Both of those companies grew very fast.  He had to learn quick to make his tight marketing budget work for him.

Over the years, he mastered Google’s PPC program, and trained his staff to do it for him.

After becoming involved with Smarter Web, he brought his knowledge and training on PPC to our staff, so we can offer it to you at a very low cost!

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Every aspect of PPC marketing is measurable. You will know your daily budget, how much you pay for each click, and most importantly, your cost per conversion.

Once we understand your marketing goals, review your business, and research your industry, we can get started by creating new Pay-Per-Click campaigns for your business or managing and optimizing your current Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Below are some of the things we will do as we get started with PPC Management services.

 Account Setupadwords

 Review Your Marketing Goals

 Keyword Research

 Competitive Research

 Build campaigns and sub-campaigns

 Conversion Tracking Setup

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