Finally, an online marketing company designed specifically for small businesses without breaking the bank!iStock_000013164960Small

We designed Smarter Web to give small businesses the chance to compete by offering a unique suite of products not found in the big advertising agencies.  And, we designed them to meet the stringent budgets of the small business!

Smarter Web was founded in 2011 with test products to identify the REAL needs and wants of the small business owner.  We started as a small business marketing agency.  However, we found that the changing world of technology and the evolution of content management systems such as WordPress allowed mostly anyone to enter that space.  You don’t have to be a programmer anymore to create a website; and with a little research, the soccer mom can offer simple websites and give you an online presence.

However, what we learned is that although these “designers” can create your website, they tend to focus on social media to drive traffic to the site.  Social media does work to create buzz, but it doesn’t help that much with organic SEO (are you #1 on Google Searches?) and facts show that you need other vehicles to generate traffic to your site and reveal leads.  After further research, we found that the only companies offering proper services in this arena would charge upwards of $1000 or more per month.  As small business owners ourselves, we know that falls well outside the budget of most small businesses.

Enter Smarter Web!!!Marketing and strategy

After identifying what the small business really needs, we shelved Smarter Web for a period of two years while we developed this new suite of products.  Our first product (SmartScout-our flagship product) began to be battle-tested by our founder with an already successful Florida-based I.T. company.  

Within 6 months of using only SmartScout and SmartRank alone, the company increased sales by 42%.  Wow!  It works!  

Why not offer these products to other businesses and give them the opportunity to increase their bottom line?

Smarter Web was created by a very experienced team with a proven track record in both I.T. delivery systems and online marketing techniques.  We wanted to build a simple suite of extremely affordable products.  From simple user-controlled web design (SmartSite) to identifying REAL identified leads as soon as they land on your site (SmartScout) to making you #1 on all Google Searches within 48 hours (SmartRank), we figured out the secret sauce for small business lead traffic vehicles.